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Tranquil Meditation


Tribal Holistics

Tamarin the founder and director of Tribal Holistics is a well renowned Holistic Practitioner.

Starting her journey in Cornwall 2004, she earned a FdSc Complimentary Therapies, on successful completion with a distinction Tamarin also won Credits for ITEC Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Holistic Massage and a Reiki Master/Teacher Degree. 

She knew she needed to build on this knowledge still further.  

Tamarin bought a one way ticket to pastures new. On her travels she discovered Tribal Holistics.

Travelling the world for several years, Tamarin immersed herself in many indigenous teachings.  She found a passion for Ayurveda in India. 

Whilst living with Native Amerindians in the Jungles of South America Tamarin learned Herbal Medicines and healing with Crystals.  

In the foothills of the Himalayas, she stayed with the Ancient Lahu Hill Tribe from whom she acquired skills in Thai Yoga Massage. 

Her travels took her to the Shamans of the Longhouse Tribes in Borneo and beyond, studying both Tribal and Buddhist Meditations. 

She stayed amongst the Tu'i tribes of Tonga, the Ngai-Tahu Maori and Kanaka Maoli tribes, becoming further qualified in different Ancient Art forms of Polynesian Medicine. 

After many years - and many happy clients - Tamarin returned to England and created Tribal Holistics.  Tribal Holistics now brings all the skills that have been learned to help heal in every way.  

Working from home, centres, retreats  and even mobile, often in offices offering Indian Head Massage and Care Homes with Reflexology. 

You will see Tribal Holistics at many Music and Healing festivals throughout the Country over Summer in an Indian Painted Bell Tent offering all services.