Tribal Holistics

A Global Fusion of Holistic Therapies 
Designed to Balance Your Natural State of Being

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Tribal Holistics is a Global Fusion of Massage, Herbs, Essential Oils, Crystals and Meditation Techniques Designed to Balance the Equilibrium of the Body, Mind, and Spirit to the Natural State of Being. 

With the principles of Ayurveda, an Ancient Indian Healing Art, along with an array of tribal infused holistic treatments involving techniques from India, Northern Thailand, Borneo, Indonesia, New Zealand, Tonga, Hawaii, and South America.  Taught first hand by the Nomadic Indigenous Medicine Shamans of the World, the treatments are unique and highly effective.


Putting an array of acquired skills to practice, we can together achieve balance within your self. You are a unique being, no two people are ever the same, the treatments available are carefully chosen for your individual constitution. Every treatment offered is as original as you are. 

Tribal Holistics only use the highest vibrational, herbs, Essential oils, and carrier oils. Obtained from ecological and sustainable sources. All created with Love.

Adding to my holistic therapies, I also offer dreadlock services to add spiritual love to our ever growing physical extension of the body, mind and soul through our roots.

I am currently making Ayurvedic massage/bath oils, Dosha Seasonings, Herbal Teas & Poultices, Decorated Glasses and Yoga Clothing ethically sourced and hand crafted into beautiful works of art, using different skills from around the world.


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